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Another Chance Animal Sanctuary, Clyde, OH Another Chance Sanctuary
PO Box 353
Ohio 43410
Phone: (419) 307-1559

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Another Chance Sanctuary
Another Chance Sanctuary was established in 2009 by Dr.Laura Hirt, DVM. For many years Dr. Hirt has opened her home and practice to unwanted and disabled animals. Many have found homes however rising costs and a poor economy have forced a record number of pet owners to relinquish their animals. Many others are unable to afford treatments or surgeries for their special needs pets. It is the mission of Another Chance Sanctuary to provide housing and medical care for these animals. Whenever possible we try to place them with families that can permanently provide for their needs but unfortunately we are unable to place all our animals. In such cases we pledge to provide quality care for the remainder of their lives. This is a mission we cannot do on our own. Our success relies on private donations and volunteers. We currently house the following animals: dogs, cats, horses, goats, potbelly pigs and rabbits. If you would like to help our cause in any way, sponsor an animal, or would just like more information, see the Volunteer section on our website.

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Volunteers Needed
Another Chance Sanctuary is looking for volunteers to help in many ways. If you have a couple of hours to spare, we need help feeding, cleaning, scooping (litter boxes/yard) and caring for the animals. We also need help planning, organizing and operating various fundraising events throughout the year. If you can sew, craft or bake items for fundraising events that would be wonderful too! Perhaps you are a handy man/woman - we could use your help as well. Please contact us to volunteer today.


Unless stated otherwise, ALL dogs and cats at Another Chance Sanctuary are spayed and neutered, to help prevent more homeless pets.

Click here to see our current list of dogs needing homes

Click here for cats and kittens looking for homes

See our resident animals - please donate to help them

Adopting a friend
Before you can adopt a pet we need to visit your home to ensure that it is a safe and suitable environment for the animal you intend to adopt. We expect you to have a veterinarian and will be contacting them for a reference. We reserve the right to stop the adoption procedure at any time.

If you would like to adopt one of our pets, please click here to contact us.

Please Donate to Help Us Help the Animals
Another Chance Animal Sanctuary, Clyde, OH The photo on the right is of some of our residents. Note Snoogles - the dog with wheels!

Any old dog items that you may no longer require such as beds, pet carriers, bowls, leads, toys, tennis balls etc are always welcome since some of the dogs chew these!

If you would like to help with the costs of looking after the animals (dogs, cats, birds, goats, horses) you can donate by clicking on the paypal logo:
PayPal Another Chance Sanctuary
or by sending a check to:
Another Chance Sanctuary
c/o Paw Patch Veterinary Services
1800 West McPherson Hwy.
Clyde, OH 43410

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Neuter Your Pet

E-mail: for information about the sanctuary for information about this website

Page updated: April 18th 2020
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