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Another Chance Sanctuary
OH, 43410

Phone: 419-307-1559

Opening Hours:
Phone or text for an appointment to meet a pet

Another Chance Sanctuary was established in 2009 by Dr.Laura Hirt, DVM. For many years Dr. Hirt has opened her home and practice to unwanted and disabled animals. Many have found homes however rising costs and a poor economy have forced a record number of pet owners to relinquish their animals. Many others are unable to afford treatments or surgeries for their special needs pets. It is the mission of Another Chance Sanctuary to provide housing and medical care for these animals. Whenever possible we try to place them with families that can permanently provide for their needs but unfortunately we are unable to place all our animals. In such cases we pledge to provide quality care for the remainder of their lives. This is a mission we cannot do on our own. We do not have a corporate benefactor, our sanctuary relies on donations from private citizens.

Visiting Another Chance Sanctuary
Please phone us on 419-307-1559 to check that the dog you want to visit is still available.

Opening Hours:
Phone or text for an appointment to meet a pet

Location Map of Clyde, OH

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