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Despite the warnings, hundreds of dogs in the U.S. die every year after being left in a hot car. Someone you know may need to read this very important message. SIX MINUTES is all it takes for a dog to overheat in a hot car. Your dog could suffer serious injury or die in a matter of minutes if left alone in a car.
  • The temperature inside a closed vehicle left in the sun can double within 12 minutes.
  • At least 75% of the temperature increase in a closed vehicle occurs within 5 minutes of closing the vehicle, and at least 89% of the temperature increase occurs within 15 minutes of closing the vehicle.
  • Temperatures exceeding 104° F can lead to death or serious injury for the occupants.
  • Temperatures in a closed vehicle sitting in the hot sun can reach 1604°F and above. An animal will suffer immeasurably and may die before the temperature reaches 1504°F.
  • Even when parked in the shade, the vehicle temperatures can exceed 1044°C.
  • Leaving windows down more than 2 inches on an unattended vehicle will not prevent a car from reaching extreme temperatures.
  • Even if the animal is revived, they can die due to severe internal organ damage.
Your dog trusts you to have their best interest at heart ALWAYS. Please do not risk their safety. If you are not taking your dog inside your destination with you, PLEASE leave them at home where they are comfortable and safe.
Keep your safe
Keep your safe
Keep your safe
Keep your safe

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